NAAC peer team visited the college for the assessment and accreditation of college on 3rd and 4th March 2022. The college is accredited with Grade 'B'.

1. SSR can be opened with the following link

2. Assessment Outcome Documents
(a) Peer Team Report

(b) Graphical Representation based on Quantitative (QnM) and Qualitative (QlM) Metrics

(c)  Institutional Grade Sheet

(d) Peer Team Metric wise Score Report

Sr.NoFile NameUploaded DateView
1 NAAC Self Study Report 12/03/2022 View
2 Assessment Outcome Documents PEER Team Report 12/03/2022 View
3 Assessment Outcome Documents Graphical Representation based on QnM QlM 12/03/2022 View
4 Assessment Outcome Documents Institutional Grade Sheet 12/03/2022 View
5 NAAC Committee 13/04/2022 View
6 AQAR NAAC 16/01/2024 View