Internal Quality Assurance Cell has contributed significantly in enhancing the quality of higher education in the college. Teaching-learning quality has been improved a lot. Time-to-time meetings of IQAC are held to review and assess the steps taken to improve the quality of education in the institution. IQAC also assesses the works of individual teachers and recommends their cases for higher scales and promotion. It also evaluates the reports submitted by teachers and the academic committee. Quality up-gradation is a gradual process and the IQAC of the college has been striving hard in this direction since its inception.

As a result of the IQAC recommendations, many initiatives have been implemented to enhance the overall academic environment of the college. All the activities in the college are organized with prior discussions with IQAC Cell. Proper planning, quality improvement, and proper scheduling of the program and activities being organized at the college level are regularly monitored by the IQAC Cell.

The college is an institution meant for imparting higher education to students. Higher Education, as it speaks itself, is meant for some specialization. Every student needs the individual attention of the teachers. In this present age of Science and Technologies, we cannot grow and progress at the desired pace without using technology. Technology has become indispensable in all spheres of life, specifically in the teachinglearning field. To make teaching-learning more effective, the IQAC has reviewed and implemented many

new initiatives. The two prominent examples of these reviews are “ICT Enabled Infrastructure” and “Addition in staff strength”. Earlier, it was more or less a traditional method of classroom teaching. The teachers relied on the textbooks available and they interacted and discussed with the students. But now with the coming of technology, classroom teaching has undergone a total change. The teachers, as well as the students, have access to internet-based technology. Ten classrooms have been upgraded as smart

classrooms with overhead projectors and smartboards. Teachers resort to various teaching apps that make teaching more effective and interesting for the students. Furthermore, students can have access to these apps even at their respective homes. Their dependence on traditional classroom teaching has dramatically reduced.

Another important review is regarding the staff strength. A proper teacher-taught ratio must be maintained for the desired results. Earlier, due to a shortage of staff, enough teaching faculty was not available and as a result of that, all the periods could not be met properly. Now we have teachers working on an extension lecture basis. They have been engaged by the Principal against vacancy/workload. Whenever some more workload is available, a new extension lecturer is engaged. After adopting this mechanism, the shortage of the teaching staff has become a thing of the past and students enjoy the availability of sufficient teachers and this provision has really led to effective and much desired positive changes. Thus, the reviews and recommendations of the IQAC have brought needed change.

 Coordinator IQAC

Mrs. Sunil Chauhan

Associate Professor

Deptt. of English

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