The institute has two blocks one is administrative block and other one is teaching block. The administrative block is near to the entry of the college for the convenience of students. The teaching staff room is also in the administrative block for the smooth functioning of office. The teaching block has 15 classrooms with each has a seating capacity of 80 students. Each class room has a good quality of green board and four of the classrooms have highly enabled ICT facility. To create the better learning environment, all the classrooms are fully ventilated with proper electricity facility. There are two well furnished seminar halls equipped with ICT facility. These seminar halls are mostly used to organize special lectures, seminars and workshops. There is one EDUSAT room which provides the learning facility to the students through the live and recorded lectures telecasted by the Department of Higher Education Haryana time to time. The institute has a well established library comprising of latest books with all kind of reference books. Moreover, the institution has various laboratories for practical training and learning by doing having detail descriptions are given below.

Geography Laboratory

There are three laboratories in the Geography Department and each of them has a capacity to engage twenty students at a time to perform experimental task. Also, each laboratory has a separate storeroom for the safety as well as easily availability of instruments /equipments required for the practical work. The list of available equipments/tools is given under:-

1.      Plane table survey set.

2.      Tracing tables.

3.      Topographical sheets for different parts of India.

4.      Chain and tape sets for survey.

5.      Prismatic compass with tripod stand.

6.      Mirror stereoscopes and Aerial Photographs.

7.      DLP Multimedia Projector.

8.      Binocular.

9.      Survey Instruments.

10.  Rain-Gauges.

11.  Weather maps.

12.   Globe, CD maps, laptop etc.


Physics Laboratory

The Physics Department has two laboratories which are fully furnished and well equipped with the entire specified requirement for the teaching and practical learning of the students. Twenty students can perform the experimental work at a single time in each of the laboratories. A fully furnished dark room is available for the special experiments of light and radiations. Also, there is a special arrangement for the experiments of electronics, mechanics and optics as well. The details of the equipments available for the practical work is given below:-

1.      Flywheel setups with weight and well brackets.

2.      Torsion pendulums with all attachments.

3.      Advanced reading telescope with stand and attachments.

4.      Bending of Beam apparatus portable type with hanger and weights.

5.      Travelling microscopes and Digital Balance.

6.      Searle’s apparatus for elastic constants measurements.

7.      Electric vibrator for measurement of frequency of AC main supply.

8.      Photovoltaic cells for the study of photoelectric effect.

9.      Full setup for the measurement of Impedance of AC circuit.

10.  Spectrometers and set of sodium and mercury lamps.

11.  Bridge type microscope.

12.  Lummer-Brodhum photometer arrangement with all the attachments.

13.  Setup of Electronic-Voltmeter for peak, average and RMS values of signal.

14.  Complete set of Transistors as voltage amplifier in common base and common-emitter configuration.

15.  Complete set for the study of series and parallel resistance of circuit.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Department has established two laboratories with high-tech equipments in which about 40 students can do their experimental work in one go. Keeping in view, the safety of the students, both the laboratories are fully ventilated to avoid the chemical deodorant and the fire extinguishers are hanged on the walls of the laboratories for fire preventions. The equipments/material available for the experimental task are Abbe’s Refractometer, Digital Weighing Balance, Digital Photometer, Melting Point Apparatus, Weight Box Analytical, Water Bath Rectangular double wall Thermo Static Controller, Centrifugal Machine, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital PH Meter, Digital Potentiometer, Electric Shaking Machine,Viscometer-20cc, Test Tube Wooden Stand, Water Bath with connecting Ring, Burrette Stand with Fisher Clip, Tripod Stand, Steel Water Tape, Oven, Frigwood Rechs, Burner, Connecting Pipe Burners, Muffle Furnance, Hot Plate with Energy Regulator, Distillation Apparatus, Vacuum Pump, Bucker Funnel, Beranger Balance, Motor and Portle, Crucible Rubber, Sand Bath, Sprit Lamp, Godrej Refrigerator-200 Ltr.,  Logistic Automatic Voltage.

Computer Laboratory

The Institute has four computer laboratories to provide the compulsory computer education to all the undergraduate students. There are 70 set of computers in all and one printer is attached with each laboratory. Each computer labs has one internet connection and all the computer of that lab are attached with this connection. Moreover, there is a projector and a visualiser through which the theory classes are taken.